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Nov 23, 2012 4:00pm PST
to return to india to get married in next month or so. >> they went shopping and in this area, maybe gilroy, somewhere. i don't know yet. they want to go to india for married. >> this morning while returning from shopping the family's suv clipped the back of a cruiser, that had just pulled over near the embarcadero road. the suv rolled. theztap officer stopped to assit people in a truck fixing a flat. the chp says the officer was several feet from traffic. >> he had on emergency lights in the back. if you notice they're enforcing if you see an officer or a tow truck on the right, you try to move left if possible. >> the chp says the father was driving with his wife in the passenger seat n the back their four daughters ages 12-24. >> four parties appeared to have been restrained. under investigation the parties ejected whether or not they were wearing their seat belts. >> the chp officer says he was wearing a seat all. all lanes were open, but foufr still closed are the express way onramp as well as embarcadero road off ramp. chp trying to figure out why this car veered, saying there is no s
Nov 22, 2012 4:00pm PST
. couple live in fremont but they are in india and had no idea their wedding album was lost. >>> president obama and republicans delivered their annual thanksgiving messages. president urged americans to put away differences that are still lingering after the election. >> thanksgiving is chance to put it all in perspective. despite our differences we are and always will be americans first and foremost. >> republicans have reached out to president obama in the hope of working totaling to help our economy grow and solve the debt. >> the president phoned ten military members and he tweeted this photo showing the first family who few years ago they enjoyed the thanksgiving dinner at the white house. turkey, ham, oyster stuffing, suite potatoes and for dessert a variety of pies, sweet potato and huckleberry pie. >>> we have been following "good morning america" anchor robin roberts recovery from a bone marrow transplant. >> it's giving others the gift of life. >> the gift of life is so precious. it doesn't get any clearer when someone, family, friend backs bone marrow donor. when erica turner m
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2